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Thursday, November the 8th, 1700
a) The site isn't going anywhere currently, I'm spending money on it being here =) Mostly this will just be a repository for some older 7th sea information, I just can't keep up with all of it anymore.

b) Don't expect updates, just too much I want to do and too little time to do it all in. There must be priorities, and unfortunately, this is not high enough =(

c) Here is the link to the GM information.. its not really that secret...

d) If a link doesn't work, trying getting of the word "rooms/" in the path, I messed up some of the links awhile ago and haven't got around to fixing them

Tuesday, February the 20th, 1700
Greetings, not really an update, just an FYI that I still exist...

A lot of people have been asking for the page for the NOM stuff, and I am WAAAAAY behind on that front, sorry =(

However, I'll figure something out, I'll probably calculate something from the villain's guide...

Wednesday, July the 12th, 1669

That's right, I've added a forum for the Seventh Sea. Check it out, and don't forget to click on all those advertising banners you see. ;-)
You do not have to register to use the forums, so please, start talking and invite your friends.
Swords High!

Wednesday, July the 5th, 1669
Boy, I'm just not with it.
I really am not finding the time I need to keep this up-to-date. *sigh*
I really do plan to get some more information up here, and redo some pages. I fixed the dual ads that appeared on this page (I hope.)
I also plan to be at GenCON in August and hope to see some people there and we can talk. Just look for Carl Gilchrist.
Saturday, May the 6th, 1669

Okay, so things went badly =(
A number of people have sent email, I apologize for the delay, I will get back to you.


The Wandering Knight has been kind enough to provide a new Sorcerous heritage, the Path of Corruption. Check out the Tower for more information on that.

The Wandering Knight has also provided an alternative drama die method. It can be found in the GM section.
(yeah, yeah, I'm getting to all of you who have requested access =), I apologize again for the delay.)


Wednesday, February the 9th, 1669
Oh Blessed Day!!

Sorry for the absence fellows. Real life struck me good in one aspect (got a promotion at work), but this left me with far less time than I used to have to work on this site. Thinks are settling in once more, and I hope to get some updates soon. Sorry for the delays on all the email. Thank you all for your patience.

Swords High!!

Amordi, Octus the 12th, 1668 2547
John Wick's World
Chris Camfield posts that John Wick may very well be doing a column for Pyramid magazine.
5:03 pm cst

Crow's Nest number zero

  • You can consider the following to have marked on them. Though anyone in a society should have access to this information.
  • Some information on Crow's Nest #0 by Kirk Foote 4:57 pm cst
  • and some from Eric G. Silveira 4:47 pm cst

Media News

  • Highlander film set to shoot. 4:54 pm cst
  • Lords of the Rings official Press Release, well, released. 4:55 pm cst
Veldi, Octus the 11th, 1668 2531
Society News
  • Robert Little reports the first Crow's Nest should be in your mailbox soon. 10:33 am cst
  • Robert Little reports on the issue of the release of the Villain's Kit and its accompanying membership 10:36 am cst


John Wicks World

  • John Wick has the latest installment of his column at the gaming outpost. 10:23 am cst
  • Now that John Wick is no longer working on Seventh Sea, at least primarily, do people think that I should still post updates on John Wick information? What do you people think? Send me feedback or email. 10:24 am cst


Sorry about the lack of updates the last week, RealLife(tm) strikes again!
10:22 am cst

Redi, Octus the 1st, 1668 2372
Search this Site
In case you hadn't noticed, the search engine for this site is back up. Just put in your term and search "this site" and you can find stuff all throughout the site. The search box is in the right hand column, about half-way down.
2:17 pm cst

John Wicks World

Guerdi, Septimus the 30th, 1668 2337
New Website
Jeffrey Calhoun has done a very cool thing. He had empirically calculated the odds for the dice rolling in Seventh Sea. Check out his website for the details.
2:38 pm cst

Site of the Day
For funny stuff in the form of what you could call news, check out the Daily Onion.
2:26 pm cst

Terdi, Septimus the 29th, 1668 2286
Avalon Bard Academy
Gary Llewelyn has his questionnaire on playing multiple games posted in the humour section of the Avalon Bard Academy.
1:32 pm cst

Seventh Sea Website Additions
Two websites for the Seventh Sea. You can find more Seventh Sea websites at Ports of Call.

Amordi, Septimus the 28th, 1668 2244
Site of the Day
The Movie, Plunkett & MaCleane, about two 18th century highwaymen (and Liv Tyler), should be coming out any day now, really. Check out information on it at the IMDB, or its official site.
5:49 pm cst

No Quarter Art
Cris Dornaus posts a few words about the art in No Quarter.
5:38 pm cst

A Legend Moves On
The world of fantasy and science-fiction has lost a noted and respected author. Marion Zimmer Bradley passed away Saturday, September 25th, 1999.
3:04 pm cst

Veldi, Septimus the 27th, 1668 2174

Kevin Wilson speaks
They have the statistics and uses for the grappling gun in Pirate Nations, but they forgot the cost. Kevin Wilson posts it here. It will also be found at the Fallen Hawk Inn and Tavern.
5:55 pm cst

The Docks Updated
The Docks have some new information on the speeds of sailing vessels. Check out the Docks for your ship and sailing needs.
5:49 pm cst

Site of the Day
Scientists discover three new moons for Uranus with irregular orbits, this brings the total to 21 moons for Uranus.
5:35 pm cst

Gaming News
Lots of stuff going on in the gaming industry these days.

  • Peter Adkisson talks about the Hasbro purchase at the gaming outpost. 11: 24 pm cst
  • Ironcrown Enterprises, long holder of the Tolkien license, will no longer produce Middle-Earth products. 11:25 pm cst
  • Nintendo, WOTC, and 4Kids are being sued, claiming Pokemon is an illegal lottery. 11: 26 pm cst

Finn's Companion
Finn's Companion #11 actually got mailed Sunday night to the mailing list. It can also be found at my Companion Archive.
10:12 am cst

Site of the Day
Resources for Mythology.
5:36 pm cst

Fallen Hawk Inn and Tavern Updated
The Fallen Hawk Inn and Tavern has several new items regarding character creation and rules.
3:40 pm cst

Past News
Past News for 14 September 1668 to 24 September 1668
Past News for 6 September 1668 to 10 September 1668

Past News for 30 Corantine 1668 to 3 September 1668

Past News for 23 Corantine 1668 to 27 Corantine 1668
Past News for 16 Corantine 1668 to 20 Corantine 1668
Past News for 9 Corantine 1668 to 13 Corantine 1668
Past News for 2 Corantine 1668 to 6 Corantine 1668
Past News for 26 Julius 1668 to 30 Julius 1668





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